Who’s watching your security cameras?

Imagine going to bed at night or laying your infant in his or her crib and unbeknownst to you, a stranger is spying on you over your security cameras.

No one expects it. No one wants to believe that it could happen. But it can, it does and it is incredibly easy to prevent.

Home security cameras are generally secure–that is if all necessary precautions are taken. Network World wrote an article on this issue several years ago, and it is still an issue today. Here are three tips for making your home security cameras more secure:

1. Lock ’em down

Just as with WiFi systems, many homeowners leave the default password to their security systems intact. It isn’t hard to guess that hackers can easily guess a password of “12345” and gain unfettered access to your personal lives. The easiest way to secure your cameras is to change the password and to keep it to yourself. Also make sure your WiFi is password protected too.

2. Post a guard

More on that WiFi: Install anti-virus software onto your system. A virus is insidious and can easily compromise your entire system. Viruses, like people, can make your family feel insecure and leave your security compromised.

3. Monitor the gates

Also make sure you limit the number of devices that are allowed to access your WiFi to only individuals you trust. Allowing everyone and their sister to access your WiFi quickly compromises its ability to keep your security cameras secure. That said, if you are going to allow many people to access your system, change your passwords regularly.

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