Summertime sadness: Protect yourself against vacation vandals

With all of the fun of summer comes the increased threat of crime. Research has shown that summer both higher temperatures and higher crime rates–especially residential burglary.

But how can you both protect your home and enjoy a beach vacation? Let Protection Associates, Inc. help with these 5 tips for securing your home against vacation vandals:

1. Invest in a safe

And if you can’t afford a safe, sign up for a safety deposit box at your local bank. Some things can be replaced, but priceless heirlooms and jewelry can’t be. Investing in an impenetrable line of defense can stave off tragedy.

2. Find someone you trust

Do you have a family member or close family friend who won’t be going on vacation with you? Ask them to check in on your home every day or so. With someone routinely checking up on your home, a crime has a lower chance of being left undiscovered until your return from vacation.

3. Leave a light on

Everything you can do to make it appear as if you’ve never left will help protect your home while you’re gone. Leave a bedroom or a living room light on while you’re away. Yes, it will consume more energy while you are gone; but what would you rather pay for? Rebuilding your home and possessions or a higher energy bill?

4. Notify the police

Your local police department is tasked with protecting you and your home. Before you leave on your vacation, stop by the police station and let them know when you’ll be gone. The police can easily increase patrols in your neighborhood to help protect your home while you’re gone.

5. Be loud and proud of the security you have

Make it well known that your security is present. Openly display the decal of your security company. If you have yard signs, display those too while you are away.

Would-be criminals will often not take the time to vandalize a house they know is protected. In fact 74 percent of burglaries in 2010 were residential with over half of them occurring during the day while no one was home. A comprehensive security system can make it much more difficult for your home to be targeted.

If you don’t have currently have a security system, contact us today for your obligation- and cost-free security view. Let Protection Associates protect you so you can relax while you’re away.

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