Is your business ready to withstand security threats? Are you sure? Protection Associates can help.

With us, you’ll have the best for your business and for your bank. Reliable and easy to install, Protection Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of options to protect your business. Several of our business options include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar and theft alarms
  • Video surveillance


Is your business fire-ready?

A fire is reported every 24 seconds in the United States causing $1.1 billion in damage in 2014 alone. Are you certain your business is prepared? Protection Associates can help.

With our state of the art systems, we incorporate detection and prevention into your fire suppression system. Not only that, but our trained specialists verify and monitor your safety at all times. Our systems increase the chance of detecting a fire and notifying emergency personnel before it’s too late.

Who can you really trust?

Protection Associates can help you determine that with our security systems. Unfortunately you can’t always trust employees and customers to do the right thing. With our video surveillance and theft alarm systems, we can help protect one of your most valuable assets: your business.


Why risk your business’s safety when you can contact us today for an obligation and cost free security review?