Security Series: What are Glass Breaks?

So you want an alarm system to protect your home and business, but you aren’t sure what exactly you need. Don’t worry because Protection Associates, Inc. is here to discuss the technology available to you as a client of ours.┬áIn this installment of our Security Series, we’ll be discussing a common feature of home security systems: glass breaks.

Imagine you and your family are on vacation only to come home to your see your glass sliding door shattered and your home robbed. Once the security of your home has been violated, it is hard to regain. But a glass break sensor might have made the situation less traumatic for you family.

A glass break sensor does just that: senses glass breaking. Well, actually, glass break sensors are designed to pick up on the distinct sound of glass breaking. Should the sensor pick up on that sound, it will trigger the alarm system and notify the authorities.

If a glass break sensor is placed opposite the glass windows or doors you are a seeking to protect, it can protect an entire room at once. This means a reduction in the cost of setting up your security system because the ability to protect more than one window or door at a time will result in needing fewer sensors.

Incorporating glass break sensors will help secure the perimeter of your home to outside threats. Contact us today to establish exactly what you should incorporate into your home security!

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