Security Series: Sump Pump Monitors

When you buy a new home with a finished basement, you don’t want to think about the potential hazards that can come with severe weather. But unfortunately you do and that’s why most homeowners install sump pumps to protect their home from flooding. Sump pumps aren’t perfect though and that’s where Protection Associates, Inc. comes. On this week’s installation of our Security Series, we’re talking about sump pump monitors.

The basic technology of sump pumps is simple: As the ground water level rises, the pump is triggered to turn on and begins pumping water into a sump pit outside of the home. This prevents the basement or crawlspace from flooding.

But what if the your sump pump begins to fail or your sump pit isn’t draining as it should be? What if it fails when you’re not home? Well that’s why Protection Associates, Inc. offers the sump pump monitor.

The sump pump monitor does just that: It monitors the sump pump. These monitors also monitor the sump pump level.

Sump pump monitors ensure that the sump pump continues to work and your basement remains dry in two specific manners. First, the sensor monitors the pump itself to ensure that it continues running. If something malfunctions in the pump to keep it from functioning when it needs to be running, the sensor will alert the monitoring system that the pump is not working. This will allow you some peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be alerted should the system be compromised.

The second way in which the sensor makes sure your sump pump continues working is to monitor the sump pit. If the sump pump were to stop working for some reason, the water level in the sump pump can rise to a critically high level. This could lead to a water back up into your basement. The sensor monitors the water level in the sump pit to alert the homeowner before this occurs.

Here at Protection Associates, Inc. we use the second form of monitoring for our clients. Many of our clients who employ this technology live in areas where the ground water table is high such as along a river. The sensors we employ here is the Winland Water Bug.

Do you believe a sump pump monitor might be the best for your home security? Contact us today for your cost- and obligation-free security review!

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