Security Series: Getting to know window and door contacts

Looking to protect your home or business? At Protection Associates, Inc. we are committed to keeping your family safe because your security is personal to us. That’s why we’re featuring different components of regular home and business security systems so you can be well informed when deciding how you will protect your family. In this week’s installment we’ll cover window and door contacts.

If you have ever had small children, you know they can wander–sometimes right out the front door! And one of a parent’s worst nightmare is to stumble upon his or her front door open and their child no where to be found. With a door contact sensor this doesn’t have to happen.

The relatively simple contact sensor technology consists of a magnet that completes an electric circuit when in contact with the other half of the sensor. Contact sensor technology may be quite simple but it is incredibly useful when integrated into your home security system.

Contact sensors can be used as intended to monitor the opening of doors and windows, but it can be used in even more creative ways! If you have teenagers, place a contact sensor on your liquor cabinet to keep curious partiers away. Have a pool and worried about your pool equipment being stolen? Put a sensor on your pool chest to protect it. Do you like to store your personal heirlooms in a home safe? Position a contact sensor inside the safe so you can be notified if someone attempts to access it.

Contact sensor technology can be utilized in numerous ways around your home. And here at Protection Associates, Inc. we are committed to helping you protect your home as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for your cost- and obligation-free security review!

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