School’s out, now who’s keeping an eye on your kids?

Deciding to leave a child home alone is a hard decision, especially when that child is younger. No matter how difficult the decision, not all parents have the choice to hire outside childcare.

According to a¬†Pew Research Center¬†study, child care costs have risen by 70 percent between 1985 and 2011. This rise affects lower income families the worst. A mother who makes less than $1,500 a month often pays an average of nearly 40 percent of her income towards childcare each month, according to the same study. It is clear that childcare isn’t always an option for families with school-age children.

So that leaves the question: Who watches your kids when school is out? The answer is: Protection Associates, Inc. can. But first here are some tips for when you must leave a child home alone:

1. Invest in a security system

You can’t know your child’s every movement while you’re away; but with a comprehensive security system you can at least know they’re safe. A security system can protect the points of entry into your home so you know your child is safe inside.

2. Set up a camera system

Your eyes can’t see everything, but with the video surveillance systems Protection Associates offers you can. Some of our video surveillance systems allow you to live stream your video feed straight to your phone. Even when you aren’t there physically, our systems will let you keep an eye on your children.

3. Check your fire alarm systems

While your child may be able to cook for his or herself, you can never be too prepared in making sure they’re safe. By installing a fire alarm system, you will ensure that emergency personnel are immediately notified if something goes awry while you’re away.

It’s great to be able to trust your children, but why take a chance with their safety? Contact us today for your obligation- and cost-free security review to protect your children this summer!

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