AES-Intellinet Radio Monitoring Services

Check out our brand new AES-Intellinet Radio Monitoring Service! While radio monitoring services have existed for some time, the AES-Intellinet system we employ at Protection Associates, Inc. is self-contained and self-healing. While it may sound like it’s straight out of science fiction, it’s not!

When you upgrade to an AES-Intellinet radio through Protection Associates, Inc., your radio system becomes part of an ever-growing network of radios that ensure your system’s call for help doesn’t go unheard. Unlike older radio systems which rely on outdated in-ground telephone wires to transmit their signals, the AES-Intellinet system is completely independent of these and self-contained. This means that you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your security and and fire monitoring services should something cause your telephone and internet services to become disconnected.

This technology can be complicated so let us explain why this system is so important your security in simpler terms. Imagine an intricate spider web. Each intersection of two strands of that web represents a single AES-Intellinet radio system. The web is comprised of many of these intersections. Now imagine that the center of that web is the central monitoring system which alerts the authorities to your need of help. When an emergency occurs at a given intersection, it will send a signal along the shortest path possible to the center of the web, or rather central command.

What happens if an intersection or an intermediate radio goes down? This is how the AES-Intellinet system is “self-healing.” The radio, within a matter of seconds, reevaluates a new shortest path to send the signal along to make sure the central command center receives it. Why is this important? Once traditional systems encounter something blocking their signal’s path (e.g., a downed telephone pole), the signal will be lost. This doesn’t occur with the AES-Intellinet radio monitoring system.

At Protection Associates, Inc., we want to keep you as safe as possible. With the AES-Intellinet radio monitoring system you can be sure you have a state-of-the-art security system to protect your home or business. Contact us today for more information about the AES-Intellinet radio monitoring system and consider upgrading your security system!