Security Series: Security in Motion (Detectors)

Your security is important to you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this website right now! That’s why here at Protection Associates, Inc. we are covering a different component of the home security system each week so you can be well-informed about your security options. This week we’re covering motion detectors.

Motion detectors, as the name would lead you to believe, do just that: detect motion. But not all motion detection uses the same technology. There are several types of motion detectors available for use in the home security industry including  Passive InfraRed, MicroWave, Dual Technology, and Ultrasonic sensors.

Here at Protection Associates, Inc. we most often use Passive InfraRed Sensors (PIS) for protecting our clients’ homes. Here’s a simplified explanation of how the PIS works: The sensor is comprised of a lens, sensor and infrared production source. The infrared produced creates areas of detection which are spread by the lens across the room you are seeking to protect. When a person passes through these infrared detection areas, a signal is produced that triggers the motion detecting alarm to someone passing through the area.

Now, how can you incorporate motion sensing technology into your home? Many ways! The first and most obvious manner to utilize motion sensing is to place the sensors in major rooms of your home or business to monitor for unwanted guests. But how else can these detectors be integrated into your home? If you have a security camera at your front door, a motion detector can be used to turn the camera on when someone approaches. If there is a room you are constantly in and out of, a motion detector can be used to turn the lights on only when motion in the room is detected.

There are many uses for motion detectors. With Protection Associates, Inc., you can be sure we will help you protect your home as securely as possible. Contact us today for your cost- and obligation-free security review!

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