Is your home flood-proof?

While many families fear fire destroying their homes and personal belongings, few think about the danger flooding can pose.

Flooding is a very real danger. Many homes near bodies of water risk the possibility of flooding should a heavy rainstorm occur. And those who live in Illinois know that summer can bring many torrential downpours. But is your home at risk?

It’s easy enough to find out whether your home or property is particularly at risk. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides an extensive nationwide database of flood maps to determine whether your property lies within a floodplain or not.

If you find that your home is in a floodplain, is there any way to protect it? Of course there is!

There are two routes that a homeowner can take in protecting their home from flooding: the more expensive route and the less expensive route. Taking a more expensive route, FEMA recommends raising the entire house so it is above the flood level. The agency also recommends moving the entire house to another location outside of the flood zone.In addition, FEMA recommends moving into a different home outside of the flood zone as well.

These proposals, however, are feasible for few families. So some of the less expensive options ought to be considered. Some options include basement sealing (either wet or dry) so as to prevent water entering the home should flooding conditions be present. Along with this is ensuring that should flooding occur, its damage is minimal. Avoid using spaces that tend to flood easily as storage areas; or if you’re going to use the space, place boxes and items on stands so they are raised off of the ground.

Another less expensive option that homeowners should consider is the building of retainer walls in their lawn. These retainer walls could serve as a first defense to hold back flood waters from reaching your home. These retaining walls can also strengthen the lawn and prevent greater damage from occurring to your outdoor property.

One option that many homeowners don’t consider is the installation of a video surveillance system into areas of the home most prone to flooding. With the video surveillance systems we use at Protection Associates, Inc. you are able to live stream the video feed to your mobile phone. Using this technology, you can keep an eye on these areas when you are away and alert someone to the problem sooner rather than later.

Why risk your home being damaged by flooding when you can work to remedy the problem now? Contact us today for your obligation- and cost-free security review!

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