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Business owners want to trust the people they hire to work for them. Unfortunately, however, that desire to trust an employee is not always reciprocated in the actions of the employee.

According to a survey, three million employees in 2014 alone were apprehended for stealing from their employers. Those employees accounted for some $55 million lost to the business. Could those employees have been stopped before they inflicted so much damage?

Of course they could have. But why are some employers so hesitant to do more than just fire an employee? It largely comes down to the relationship between the employer and the criminal employee. Jay Kennedy, in an interview first reported in Fox Business, said that many employers have had a relationship with their employee for quite some time and already feel betrayed so they dismiss them without further action.

Another reason Kennedy gives is that employers don’t see much benefit to pursuing the issue further than firing the employee. He says that employers either see the police as unable to adequately address the business theft or┬áthat there’d be little to gain from court-ordered restitution.

The installation of simple and affordable security solutions could readily decrease profit loss and prevent future theft–it just takes the willingness to stop the crime. The installation of security cameras not just in the store, but in areas where employees can access merchandise such as stockrooms and loading docks.

Another option to prevent theft would be to put into place alarmed doors and keypad access to areas where only a select number of individuals should be able to access it. Do you keep a safe? Then secure the area so only you and managers can access it.

Protecting your business from employee theft is possible, but it requires an investment of your time and resources. That’s why Protection Associates, Inc. is here. Our security experts will help you to secure your business so you don’t have to worry about who might harm you next. Contact us today for your obligation- and cost free security review!

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