Fired up for the Fourth of July?

Fireworks are fun but house fires aren’t. Unfortunately, there’s an increase of both around Independence Day.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Independence Day has the highest number of fire incidents than any other day. In fact it is estimated that at least $77 million worth of property is lost on July 4 and 5 alone.

Weather also produces an impact on house fire occurrence. Grasses and fields become drier and thus more apt to catch fire.

The high volume of fireworks shot off during Independence Day celebration and the drier landscape leads to a large increase in fires every year. Nearly 40 percent of fires occurring on July 4 are caused by fireworks.

Fireworks alone can’t be blamed for all fire incidents occurring on Independence Day. Alcohol and the reckless activity resulting from over-indulgence is also partly to blame for the increase of fires during the festive season. The number of fires due to misconduct make up abouit 27 percent of all fires on Independence Day.

Homeowners can protect themselves from meaningless loss during the holidays. With the installation of a comprehensive fire alarm system, emergency personnel can be notified at the earliest sign of fire.

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